The million dollar question is “what gets better results, dieting or exercise?’

Ask this question to 10 people, comprised of dieticians and personal trainers and most likely, you will get 10 different answers.  The one thing I am sure that they will all agree on is that a combination of both will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

A persons Metabolism can play a major part in weight loss, but what is metabolism?  Metabolism is a combination of biochemical processes that your body uses to convert food into energy (Wow, that’s a mouthful). When dieters talk about metabolism, they usually aren't talking about a long list of physical and chemical processes.  We often use the word "metabolism" to describe the rate at which our bodies burn calories. This is the rate at which your body converts food into energy (calories) and then uses the energy to perform essential and non-essential daily functions.

There are many different factors that affect metabolism, including: Age, Gender, Body size, Caffeine or stimulant intake, Hormones, Pregnancy, Food intake, Body composition and Activity level.  There are some things that you can change about your metabolism and some things that you can't. For example, you can't change your age or your gender. But there are some things that you can change to boost your metabolism and lose weight. These include: Exercise, Daily Movement, Building Muscle and eating the right number of calories.

One of the components you will hear over and over in the pursuit of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is EXERCISE.

SEBASTIAN FITNESS has everything you need to achieve you exercise goals.  If you like classes, we have over 40 per week.  Cardio, we have state of the art equipment, Need assistance, we have the best Personal Trainers in the county, Weights, we have them, both big and small, Equipment, Smoothies, Child Care, we have it all.  Leave your EXCUSES at the door and come join us for not only a gym but a true family atmosphere.

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